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When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Many mattress companies would tell you that you should replace your old mattress every 8-10 years. However, Consumer Reports say that there’s no real time limit. Every mattress is unique and different. If you have laid on your current mattress for over 30,000 hours, chances are your mattress is becoming less comfortable and less supportive. There’s really no set formula for figuring our when is the right time to replace your mattress. Nonetheless, there are some factors you may want to consider that may be telling you that it is time you replace the mattress you have now.

It might be a good time to replace your mattress if:

  • Your mattress looks and feels lumpy, saggy, or uncomfortable.
  • You find it hard to sleep at night on your bed or if you wake up tired or achy.
  • You tend to sleep better outside of your home, like when you’re on vacation in another place, on another bed that is not your own.
  • You are over the age of 40 and your mattress is more than 5-7 years old. Your body changes as you age. You might not like the way your mattress used to feel.

All of those factors need to be weighted out before you decide to replace your mattress. If after you feel that you should get a new mattress, then the matter to discuss is… where will you buy your new mattress?

It’s a good thing there is a Mattress & Furniture Liquidators in Lauderhill, FL. This company has a 7,000 square foot showroom where you can lay on any mattress you like and see how it feels. This liquidation center has super pillow top mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and Euro top mattresses. They also have plush, soft, medium, firm and extra firm mattresses. There’s a mattress for you here, at Mattress & Furniture Liquidators. Plus, at Mattress & Furniture Liquidators, you can buy your new mattress for 50% – 80% off the original retail price. That’s a great deal!

Mattress & Furniture Liquidators is able to supply hotels, rentals, or any other multiple residences with mattresses and furniture, too. Whether your business needs 1 mattress or 200 mattresses, no job is too big or small for Mattress & Furniture Liquidators. Call them today at (954) 747-4949 or visit their location at 5145 N University Dr. Lauderhill, FL 33351. Replace your old mattress with a new one that is fit and comfortable and just for you!

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