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The Best Mattresses Lauderhill Has to Offer: Springs or Memory Foam?

Most people have only ever slept on one type of mattress: the bouncy spring mattresses that have been around for well over a century and give millions of people a sound night of sleep each evening. For some, however, the transition to a memory foam mattress has resulted in a far higher quality of sleep, allowing them to leave insomnia and snoring issues in their rearview mirrors. When you’re looking for the best discount mattresses in Lauderhill offers at Mattress & Furniture Liquidators, which should you choose: spring or memory foam?

Cost Certainty

The reason that spring mattresses continue to be produced and sold usually comes down to a single factor: price. It’s quite inexpensive to create springs in comparison to memory foam, meaning that it may cost as little as a few hundred dollars for a spring mattress compared to several thousand dollars for a memory foam mattress. In many cases, however, you get what you pay for: A spring mattress can only deliver pressure to certain parts of the body, meaning that blood circulation is limited. By comparison, the best Furniture Stores in Lauderhill have memory foam that provides even pressure over the entire body, resulting in good blood flow and sound sleep.


A firm spring mattress has a lifespan that’s hard to beat. It may be a decade or more before the mattress cannot be used anymore due to a burst spring or a tear in the fabric. By contrast, a memory foam mattress is a far more delicate flower. You may need to replace it every few years if the foam’s durability wears thin and you find yourself unable to get comfortable while sleeping in the same position.


Sleep next to someone on a spring mattress, and you’re sure to feel it when they toss and turn. By comparison, memory foam does not transport any of the motion from one side of the bed to the other; it’s absorbed within the material itself. Those who prefer to sleep alone may not find the spring mattress to be a hindrance, but those who are light sleepers and have restless spouses may prefer the memory foam’s light touch.

When you’re in the market for a brand name discount mattress in Lauderhill, then you need to get to Mattress & Furniture Liquidators today and check out the selection. There’s a huge selection of memory foam and more so you can finally get a great night’s sleep without tossing and turning on that old and saggy mattress.

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