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5 Signs it’s Time to Visit Our Mattress Store in Lauderhill

The average American will spend up to one third of their lifetime sleeping. There’s no need to spend all of that time on a mattress which is just plain outdated and past its prime. Sleeping on an old mattress can bring discomfort, frustration and even harm if you use it for too long. Take a look at the tip 5 signs it’s time to forfeit your old mattress for a new one from our mattress store in Lauderhill.

  1. You spend more time tossing and turning than asleep. Are your nights filled with wiggling around your uncomfortable mattress instead of getting the sleep your body needs to feel fully rested? Your mattress can be causing discomfort, even if springs aren’t poking out of the surface. Years of use can change the overall shape of your mattress, creating hills and valleys in spaces that might not be best for your body.
  2. You sleep better when you’re away from home. This is a telltale sign that your mattress is due for an upgrade. If any mattress but yours is giving you a full night of rest, it’s safe to bet that your mattress is well past its expiration date.
  3. You wake up with new aches and pains. Your sleep should be relaxing and soothe your aches, not create new ones! If you wake up to new pains to your back, your mattress may not be supporting you properly throughout the night.
  4. Your mattress has gone from comfy to lumpy. Believe it or not, mattresses need to be cared for. Regular rotation and mattress flipping helps keep the same spot from being laid upon for years on end. Unfortunately, damage from improper mattress care cannot be reversed. Does your mattress dip, sag, or have lumps where you lay down? Chances are it’s due for an upgrade.
  5. You experience a surge in sneezes. As they age, mattresses attract allergens. Older mattresses can be holding allergens which exacerbate allergies and asthma symptoms.

We consider our store the go-to spot for mattresses in Lauderhill. We carry top brand names such as Simmons Beautyrest, Sealy, Serta and Tempur Pedic mattresses in Lauderhill. Replacing your outdated mattress with a new discount brand name mattress from Mattress & Furniture Liquidators can bring you the nights of restful and restorative sleep you’ve been missing. If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, stop by Mattress & Furniture Liquidators today!

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