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Breakup with Your Old Mattress & Fall in Love with New Mattresses in Lauderhill!

If you’ve been spending all your nights tossing and turning, chances are you aren’t getting the dep restful sleep you’ve been longing for. At Mattress & Furniture Liquidators, we know nothing destroys the romance of Valentine’s Day like an old outdated mattress. You want to spend the holiday cuddling up with your sweetheart, but your creaky, lumpy, saggy and uncomfortable old mattress is running the mood. It’s time to make the switch to high quality mattresses in Lauderhill. And with the low prices we offer at our mattress store in Lauderhill, a high quality mattress is more affordable than you’d think!

At our mattress store in Lauderhill, you can get brand new brand name mattresses for up to 80 percent off of retail prices. You can fall in love with our top brand name mattresses without worrying about price holding you back. You can enjoy top quality mattresses including:

  • Memory foam
  • Adjustable beds
  • Innerspring
  • Plush
  • Gel-top mattresses
  • Foam and innerspring

These are just a few of the great mattress types you can find when you visit our mattress store in Lauderhill. You’ll fall in love with a great mattress at our store, one that’s perfect for your home and your budget. You can also make the switch to a new bed size, such as a Queen or King sized mattress.

This Valentine’s Day, all you want to do is spend time with your loved one. But if your mattress isn’t comfortable anymore, you’re hardly in the romantic mood. Maybe you’re plagued with an aching back that’s caused by an old mattress. Maybe your mattress is past its expiration date, and it’s now filled with dust mites or other allergens that are triggering your allergy symptoms. Maybe you’re just uncomfortable on your old mattress and you want a better night of sleep.

If you’re cranky each morning, it’s not you, it’s your mattress! Breakup with your old mattress and fall in love with one of our great new mattresses in Lauderhill. With our great selection, low prices and high quality mattresses, you’ll wonder why you never visited our mattress store in Lauderhill before! Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, so stop by our shop to see what mattresses are perfect for you, your sweetheart and your wallet.

A new mattress is the perfect gift for your partner, and for yourself. That’s because nothing is more valuable than seriously restful sleep. So before you spend another night on a creaky, saggy or uncomfortable mattress, stop into our mattress store in Lauderhill to see what’s new!

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