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Get the Best Discount Prices on New, Brand Name Mattresses

f you wake up every morning with pain in your legs, side or back, and wonder what it could be, then maybe your mattress is to blame! Sleep is so important and when we don’t get enough of it we wake up grumpy and lethargic. If you’ve tried turning your mattress over but you still feel a lumpy hole in the middle, then maybe it’s time you started thinking about replacing your old mattress. They say to replace your mattress every 8 to 10 years, but most people don’t. And if this sounds like you and you can’t even remember when or where you purchased your current mattress, then it’s time to visit Mattress & Furniture Liquidators for the best prices on a discount mattress in Sunrise.

Don’t let the price of a mattress keep you from a good night’s sleep!

Mattresses can indeed be pricey, but you just need to know where to look to buy top quality for less. At Mattress & Furniture Liquidators, a top-quality discount mattress store in Sunrise, we offer some of the best mattresses that can be found in retail stores at way below retail price. In 2020, there are many new features in mattresses that you should look for like hybrids, pillow tops, and memory foam. It can be an overwhelming task when you step into the store to look for a new mattress. That’s why the experts at Mattress & Furniture Liquidators will be happy to help you pick out the mattress that is perfect for you.

Purchase a top-quality mattress at 50-80% off retail prices

Mattress shopping can be fun, especially when you look forward to trying out all the different brands. And it also makes sense to pick something that will fit your lifestyle, and at Mattress & Furniture Liquidators, we have so many great styles and brands to choose from. The courteous team at Mattress & Furniture Liquidators is always on hand to help you decide. We can answer any questions you may have about style, shape, firmness, etc. because there are so many amazing features to consider. Our showroom at Mattress & Furniture Liquidators is carefully stocked with all of the best, brand- name, new mattresses like Sealy Posturepedic, Sterns & Foster, Serta iComfort, Tempur-Pedic, Simmons Beauty Rest, Seamons and more—all at a discounted price. Our discount mattresses in Sunrise are 50-80% off retail prices!

How do I choose the perfect mattress?

  • Firmness and thickness- Everyone has a mattress preference and if you are someone who prefers a firmer mattress, we have the ideal one for you. While others may prefer a mattress with a softer pillow top feel, it’s not a problem because you’ll always find what you’re looking for when you shop for discount mattresses in Sunrise. Come on in and try out as many mattresses as you like. There is something here for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a pillow top, memory foam, or innerspring, you can find it at Mattress & Furniture Liquidators.
  • Size- Measure everything before you buy it! Will the King size mattress you love fit into your bed frame? At Mattress & Furniture Liquidators, we have a wide range of California king, queen, twin, and full-sized mattresses to select from. And no worries–we will help you find the right size for your bed frame.
  • Brand name- Rest assured that you’ll find all of the top quality brand names here. We offer a wide array of top quality, brand new mattresses! Whether you’re looking for Simmons and Sealy or Tempur-pedic or Simmons Beautyrest, we carry all of your favorite brands.
  • Style- Do you prefer a firm memory foam mattress or soft cushiony pillowtop? Do you prefer a thinner or thicker mattress? At Mattress & Furniture Liquidators, we have the newest hybrid mattresses that combine both memory foam and innerspring. Rest assured that we will have one to fit your needs and budget.

Why not do yourself a favor and stop in today and let the amazing team at Mattress & Furniture Liquidators help you pick put the mattress of your dreams. We just know you will sleep better on one of our discount mattresses in Sunrise. Visit our showroom or call (954) 747-4949 for more information.

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