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3 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Mattress

Have you been waking up feeling tired still? If so, the root of the problem could be your mattress. Like anything else in our homes, the mattress needs to be replaced every now and again. Otherwise, you in wake up feeling tired with body aches galore. And no matter how many Google searches you do the solution remains the same, a new mattress. But waking up restless isn’t always due to the mattress, and if it’s not you should not spend a fortune on a new mattress to find out. The best way to determine if your mattress is ready to go is by looking for a few signs. If you’re not sure what they are there’s no need to stress out. Our team at Mattress & Furniture Liquidators has you covered on 5 signs to look out for when determining if you need a new mattress.

Aches and Pains

After a long night of rest, you may have the urge to stretch out and crack a few joints, this is completely normal. But if you begin to feel aches and pains then you may have a mattress problem. Sleeping is a time where your body should be recovering from the day. Waking up with neck, back, or shoulder pain is a clear sign that your mattress is ready to go. This is especially true if you notice that your mattress is sagging a little in the middle. This sagging is not only a sign that you need a new mattress but is also what causes your neck, back, and shoulder pain. Your body needs to lay a certain way to properly rest. When you sag in the middle part of your body, otherwise known as the heaviest part of your body, you put a lot of pressure on the upper part of your body which all the uncomfortableness.

You Have Had the Mattress for 8+ Years

Although numbers are not always a one size fits all sign, they can be a good indicator if you have noticed other signs of an old mattress. Most mattresses are deemed in good shape between 7-10 years. If your mattress starts to feel a little uncomfortable and it’s been somewhere around that timeline, you probably need a replacement. An important thing to consider about this sign is mattress warranties. Most people assume that if their mattress has a 20-year warranty on it that it is meant to last that long. Don’t be fooled. This warranty simply means that your mattress can be fixed if certain parts of it break within this 20-year time frame. Too many people tolerate restlessness because of this reason. Don’t let that be you, get the good night sleep you deserve.

You Prefer Sleeping Elsewhere

A behavior worth considering is where you have been sleeping lately. If you have resorted to the couch or other beds in your home, then the problem is most likely your mattress. Your mattress and bed should be the most comfortable place in your home. Choosing to sleep elsewhere is a sure sign that something is up. This is especially true if you have gotten a better night’s sleep in other parts of the house or in hotels than you do in your own bed. While waking up restless happens to the best of us, it occurring every morning is not normal. Don’t let an old mattress steal your good night’s sleep away from you, consider a new mattress from Mattress & Furniture Liquidators. We promise your sleep will drastically improve with one of our mattresses.

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