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Here’s A Break Down of the Many Different Kinds of Mattresses Available in Lauderhill, Fl

So you need a new mattress? Well, look no further than Mattress & Furniture Liquidator, your one-stop shop for all thing’s mattresses. While picking a new mattress, whether, in the store or online, it’s easy to get frazzled. After all, there are tons of different options out there. Knowing which mattress type is best for you is a difficult decision to make. Not only difficult but important. This is the mattress you are probably going to sleep on for the next 7-10 years. The best way to pick out your ideal mattress is to come into the store and try out our mattresses. That way you know which feels the best for you and your body. We also have a team that can guide you in the right direction. But until you can come into the store, we have compiled a list of all the different kinds of mattresses you can choose from. Keep reading to see some of our options.


This kind of mattress is one of the more traditional kinds with many people having at least one of these mattresses in their home. This is not to say that it’s a perfect match for everyone. While many people enjoy this kind of mattress, there are tons of people who just can’t get their best sleep on it. This kind of mattress is by far one of the most affordable types, playing into a big reason why it’s so popular. Another perk of these mattresses is that they tend to last a lot longer than the other kinds. Many people even report their innerspring mattresses lasting them for 10’s of years. So if you are looking for an affordable mattress that is a true long-term investment, this is the mattress for you. On the comfort side of things, this mattress is durable and is great for those who want to feel cooler when they sleep. The way the springs are aligned allows for better airflow and cooler temperatures.

Memory Foam

This type of mattress has been rising in popularity in recent years with many people swearing by it. Memory foam was once popular for pillows, but now it seems they have made a splash with mattresses. What makes people love this type of mattress is how it is personal to you and your body. The memory foam shapes itself to your body while you lay on it, maximizing comfort. You also don’t have to worry about being woken up if you sleep next to someone who is a restless sleeper. The foam absorbs instead of bouncing throughout the mattress.


These mattresses are straight from the future. They take what you love about a hospital bed, it sounds weird but hear us out, and combines it with everything you love about your current mattress. These beds usually come with a remote or some kind of panel with buttons. These buttons allow you to adjust the bed by having it move up or down. These mattresses are particularly great for those who either want to or need to be propped up when they sleep. Many people find that the adjustable feature helps them out with back pain and snoring.


This mattress is just as unique as it sounds. Hybrid mattresses combine the best parts of the innerspring and memory foam mattresses. Some people love having a mattress that absorbs with a little bounce. This is where the hybrid form comes in handy. This mattress takes the memory foam personalization and gives it the slight bounce that comes in when coils are involved. If you are looking for a bed that will promote cooling, restful sleep with no interruptions, and good support, this is the mattress for you.

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