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Why Good Sleep is So Important and How a Good Mattress Helps

We all have heard that getting a good night’s sleep is critical for our health and productivity. Even with this information many of us struggle to get in bed at a reasonable time. Or even worse, we get in bed and find ourselves distracted with the television, our laptops, and our phones. This is exactly one of the things sleep experts say not to do to fall asleep and have a restful sleep. But since all of the tips and threats of being tired the next day do not seem to work for many of us, maybe learning the benefits will help you value sleep. And if you are already doing everything you should to get restful sleep and still cannot for the life of you wake up refreshed, then it may be your mattress. In that case, a trip to Mattress & Furniture Liquidators, located in Lauderhill, Florida, will set you up with a mattress that will ensure you sleep like a baby.

Increases Productivity and Concentration

Regardless of what your day looks like you are going to want to be at your peak productiveness. Whether it’s work, school, or dealing with kids, being able to get your to-do list done is a must. A lack of sleep can result in sleep deprivation, which is when your brain starts to operate at far less of its capability. Having a restful night of sleep can keep your brain functioning properly. This will result in better cognition, concentration, and productivity. All things that are important parts of each day. You may miss a few hours of sleep one night and not suffer too much; however, when this becomes a habit you will notice a big difference.

Depression Prevention

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just good for your brain as far as productivity goes but also when it comes to mental health. While depression is something that is sometimes out of our control, it is more likely to occur or worsen in those who do not get the appropriate amount of sleep. Sleep can affect your mind and general thought process making it easier to be in a more negative state of mind.

Boost Your Immune System

There are tons of things in life that we all want, but when it comes down to it our health is most important. Being healthy easily trumps all of our other wants in life. Surprisingly one of the keys to maintaining health and a strong immune system is by sleeping. It doesn’t get easier than that. Of course other factors matter but sleep plays a large role. Most people chalk a strong immune system up to eating healthy and exercising. However, your body cannot do any of this among other things without getting the proper amount of sleep. During sleep, our bodies have time to rest and recover from the day. This recovery includes the immune system. If you find yourself sick a lot and are unsure why, take a step back and see if your sleep schedule is lacking. More sleep could be the solution.

What If You Can’t Sleep After Practicing Good Sleep Habits?

Sometimes we try our best to practice good sleep habits such as avoiding screens before bed and getting our full 8 hours, but it doesn’t help. When this happens you may need to consider that you aren’t the problem. The problem could very well be your mattress. If you are suspicious of your mattress being the culprit that causes your lack of sleep, then you may want to consider a few signs that you need a new mattress. Signs such as your mattress being 7-10 years old, it’s sinking in, and you’re waking up with aches and pains. If any of the above sounds like your situation then it’s time you get a new mattress and enjoy sleep again.

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